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FJ Church & Sons pioneered the recycling of catalytic converters across the United Kingdom. We became the market leaders in 1999 and have had an ever-present role defining the UK market. It is due to this history that we are so trusted with this niche grade. It is a complex industry with many catalysts being revalued at manufacturing level and new catalysts being developed all the time.

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Market Leaders.

FJ Church & Sons has recently invested in what has been described as the ‘largest and most advanced catalytic convertor recycling facility in the United Kingdom.’ This state of the art facility includes three portable XRF(X-ray fluorescent) machines, a further permanent XRF machine, a laboratory for spot and chemical analysis, three cutting lines and a high tech sampling line. Due to this investment we are in a lead position to offer our clients both a spot purchasing can price or toll refining terms for those who wish to gain and manage the most accurate value of Platinum group metals.

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F J Church purchase catalytic converters, DPF (filters), metallic converters and Oxygen Sensors from Catalysts on a spot basis. By using our unit database and grading experts, we purchase catalysts based on batch numbers, PGM (platinum group metals) content and market values.

No consignment is too big or small and we have a European wide collection service. Our payment is prompt and tailored to your requirements.

As a truly international trading firm F J Church work with PGM smelters and refineries all over the world, to ensure the best returns for your Catalysts.

Spot purchasing catalytic converters, DPF (filters), metallic converters


F J Church & Sons has three dedicated bays at our main depot in Rainham for merchant trade. We specialise in can purchasing and our graders pride themselves on having unparalleled knowledge across the catalytic spectrum. Whether you simply wish to drop in one catalytic converter for an instant quote or are professional collector and wish to go through all of your catalysts with a grader we will endeavour to provide you with all the information we can, there are F J Church graders on site and also precious metals traders available to help with any queries you may have. We pride ourselves on offering an efficient and helpful service. If you are in the area we will always make room for you however if you wish to deliver a large parcel of catalysts please book ahead to ensure a quick turnaround.


F J Church & Sons first began dealing in the international arena with non-ferrous materials in the 1960’s. Since then we have developed and now are now prominent in the catalytic converter industry throughout Europe. If you wish to discuss potential can purchasing then please contact us and either a trader or an F J Church trained Mobile Grading tea can be available at short notice to come to your premises and efficiently grade, quote or simply offer advice

FJ Church offers a toll refining service for catalysts allowing producers of scrap catalytic converters to manage their sales on the precious metals markets.

Using our in-house sampling facility, de-canning stations and laboratory F J Church are equipped to handle all aspects of processing, sampling and valuing your catalyst material. We accept canned or de-canned material and can process your converters on refining terms.

We have a witnessing gallery and transparent sampling and sales processes- as an ideal platform for your precious metals management. Toll Refining Brochure

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Ceramic Management.

Our facilities enable us to offer a full de-canning service to our clients. This process entails turning the can into a uniformed powder that can then be accurately analysed and the client will gain a full return on the cat. This process effectively enables the client get a step nearer to the full value of the catalyst by removing risk on the buying side.

Client choice. Nearer to the product.

All this leads too.…. More accurate prices. Once the powder is homogenised it is then couriered to our partners in Asia whereby it is put through plasma furnace and analysed through Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry ICP.

For further information about precious metal management through toll refining please contact FJ Church.

electronic recycling engine control-units

An engine control unit (ECU) is a type of electronic unit located in all modern cars. Its primary function is too control the actuators on the internal combustion engine. For an engine with fuel injection, the ECU will determine the quantity of fuel to inject. The price will vary depending on whether they are aluminium cased or plastic cased. It is optimal to separate them for the greatest return.

electronic recycling lambda sensor

A lambda sensor is a device that measures the proportion of oxygen. The primary use of a lambda sensor is in the automotive sector. The Lambda sensor makes modern electronic fuel injection and emission control possible.

Please contact our head office for live market prices